I am a blessed mama of four wildly energetic and adorable little kiddos, Abigail, Hazel, Penelope and Ethan and married to my wonderful and loving husband Patrick. I am passionate about pregnancy, motherhood and the miracle of birth! I believe it is a gift to bring new life into this world and I stand in awe of it everyday. That is why I have made it my life’s work to support women in all that it takes to feel confident about this natural process into motherhood. I am a certified HypnoBirthing® practitioner, trained Dona doula, and a successful HypnoBirthing® mama! I discovered the wonder of HypnoBirthing® during my first pregnancy. What I found so brilliant about it was that it empowered me to feel confident, relaxed, and prepared to meet my baby in any way that God planned for her arrival.

Abigail’s birth was natural and beautiful and all that I had hoped for! Her birth gave me a new found sense of empowerment and a deeper connection with myself. Hazel’s birth was an induction for medical reasons, but in my toolbox I had the breathing techniques and deepening meditations I’d learned that helped carry me through my labor without further medical intervention. For Penelope’s birth my husband and I decided we wanted a more private and intimate experience with the potential for a water birth so we went with our local birth center. I found that I absolutley loved the water and was able to have the blissful birth I had hoped for! Ethan’s birth was an at home water birth supported by midwives and just as incredible as my girl’s births with the comfort of being home! I had already been enthusiastically sharing this birthing method with friends and loved ones but it was after my second birth that my passion to share HypnoBirthing® in a formal setting began. I felt compelled to become a doula as well because I was inspired through my experiences to learn more about women’s choices during labor and support them in their decision making.

My philosophy as a doula is to nurture and support mom, baby, and birth partner in all they desire for their birth. I focus on facilitating the best environment for healthy, open, non-judgemental communication about what my client’s wants and needs are. I understand that this is one of the most personal experiences in one’s life and I am honored to be a part of it. I approach every birth with the utmost respect and care for each family. My goal is to empower moms to trust their instincts, know what their body and mind is capable of, and to have the most enriching birthing experience possible! It gives me great joy to take part on this miraculous and transformational journey with you. 
I look forward to meeting you! 

~ Victoria Burree